Defects Down

Madcow will help detect defects and regression issues in your system. Let Madcow do the work for you.

Easy to Use

Whether you are a developer or system tester, Madcow is easy to use and most importantly maintain. Many test automation tools require developer support - with Madcow system testers can control and create without any developer interaction!

Confident Releases

Don't think, know your software is working. Know what works today is still working tomorrow. Be confident when releasing as you have covered real users scenarios again and again.

Website Testing. Fast and Easy.

Madcow ships with a plugin to test websites, sitting on top of Selenium WebDriver. It provides an advanced abstraction layer to wrap WebDriver into a more usable framework, providing the advanced Madcow reporting and templating system. Dream of System Testers actually using Selenium WebDriver? Now they can!

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Madcow has Data Parameters (variables), Templates and Imports. Refactor your tests. Share automation scripts with others. Override data fed into a test in one place.

Open Source. Fork it on GitHub.

Madcow is open source - checkout the source code on GitHub.
Join the development! Fork the code, create your own plugins and contribute back!